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This post begins from Chuck’s perspective since I was exhausted from the procedure.  We came home, I went to bed and Chuck fell on the ground with his face to the floor in prayer asking God to take him instead, show us what to do and how to move forward.  God spoke directly to Chuck asking if he now realized He holds everything in His hands, even the thing he held most dear (me), and everything in life is about Him, our Lord and Savior.  You see, God was working on my dependence on Chuck more than God, but God was also working on Chuck’s priorities of putting me just above the Lord.  He wanted Chuck to see he couldn’t control this situation, no matter how much money we had in the bank, no matter how much money we gave away to charities, no matter how much good we felt we were doing in God’s name.  God was in control and asked him if we wanted to continue serving Him the way we wanted to serve or how He wanted to be served?  At that moment grace was given abundantly to Chuck and he knew God controlled the outcome and he humbly accepted God’s invitation to serve Him completely and to put Him first in his life.  Chuck surrendered it all and knew he wanted to serve the Almighty God on His terms, not ours.

Even though Chuck asked the Lord to take him and not me, the Lord ensured him all would be well and he was simply to begin fasting.  Chuck had fasted before for a day, but never for an unknown time period.  He knew he was supposed to fast but wasn’t given a specific time frame, so after getting up exhausted he went out to the couch and sat down to veg out in front of the tv for awhile.  When he turned on the tv TBN came on (which was a miracle in itself since we never watch that station).  A lady on the program was talking about…how to begin an extended fast!  So God can use any media to get His point across to us, or Chuck in this situation…what an affirmation.

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