[Taking a deep breath]….we are back in the States!  Here in Michigan the weather is quite chilly but we are heading to Phoenix (hoping for warmer weather) to see our friends and kids.  Things here in the US were crazy for a while with the election going on but guess what….life continues on.  For those we work with and assist that life means begging for food, not being able to seek medical assistance, sleeping on the dirt floor, patching roofs with plastic bags and going hungry.

As life continues Saved By God’s Grace continues to tell others how much God loves them by showing that love through assistance.

Food was purchased and prepared for several families who had nothing in the house to eat.

A walker was given to Selah.  The jiggers in her feet were so bad she was literally unable to walk, but she was given treatment and a walker and is now able to walk.  Praise God!

Pastor Patrick of Revival Worship Church volunteered to paint the church interior and doors.  Patrick is hearing impaired and is in need of new hearing aids costing approximately $300.

“In some households there was nothing for the little ones to eat because their bedridden parents cannot work to provide for them.”  Ben

We helped Joseph get a much needed ct scan so that he can start getting treatment.

Celestine and Violet sieving the maize they received.

Children and families were given a little food.

Damaris doesn’t want any kernel of maize to be left so she picks every last piece which fell on the ground from the sieve.

So as you can see much continues to happen through Saved By God’s Grace, with your support.  Please consider being a part of what is happening in Kenya!

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