We met with Bishop Oyugi and his wife Prisca, Faith (coordinator of the Juja grandmothers food program) and Rosemary (founder of Diversified Leaders) to chat the way forward….big plans!  May God grant us all wisdom on moving forward according to His will and purpose…to You be the glory!

It’s been a short stay this time in Kenya but much has happened. The past few days we’ve filled it with not only working with our outreaches but also visiting friends and making plans…praying they are God’s will!


We’ve been out of power regularly the last few days (I’m currently working on generator power) and praying we get full power before we head to the airport so I can take a proper shower…but that is the least of what’s happening and I’m certainly grateful for the generator and the ability to heat water for bucket bathing if need be.

What we are currently dealing with is finding a permanent solution for one of our girls.  If she returns to her home village during school holiday they have already said they will perform female genital mutilation (FGM).  We are looking for a better place for one of our boys to live. He’s been passed around from house to house but even with that uncertainty he is doing well in school.  Figuring out fund distribution for HIV/AIDS patients, paying rent for child head of household’s, chatting the way forward for a church to be established on C4KK grounds, feeding grandmothers and street boys and submitting paperwork to the government.  Those things will not end once we get on the airplane so your assistance continues to be needed.  Please keep us in prayer for safe travels and prayerfully consider partnering with us in this ministry.

But as I mentioned, we’ve also been visiting friends….

Visiting Bosco (caretaker at C4KK) and his family.  His kids, Stephen, Coletta and David, are growing up so fast and are so adorable!



Dinner with Rosemary went well into the next morning!

Bosco’s kids are so well mannered…good job Ann and Bosco!







We got to spoil little Blakey one last time!

So stinkin’ proud of this girl!  Mary has worked hard for her education and has graduated in cabin crew.  She is now applying for an internship with a couple of airlines and we pray only the best for her!


A beautiful night sky in Kenya




Rexie has such beautiful eyes!













And then power is out!  But the kids continue studying by lantern.

Getting a tour of Rosemary’s place.  She holds camps here for kids and is such an encouragement to them.













Bosco’s goat had a kid and it’s so cute!

In all honesty we are able to talk with our friends and explain to them we’ll be back (God willing), but to Bear and Pixie it isn’t that easy.  We are certainly going to miss them and are praying for a way, in the future, to bring them back with us to the States.  Your prayers for peace where they are concerned are appreciated.


Pixie loves to stand with the wind in her hair!

She also likes to stand on the stairs and bark at the birds!

Pixie loves to be held but you can see Bear’s paws wondering when he’ll get his lovin’!bear-on-pillow

Ok, I’ll even miss having Bear’s bottom on my pillow!


Bear loves to stand guard on the steps…making sure no birds come near!bear-1

He’s such a regal looking dog and so confident.

Again, thank you for your prayers and if you know of someone or group who would like to hear about Saved By God’s Grace, please feel free to contact us.  We’ll be in the States and ready to see where God will lead this ministry!  See you on the other side of the globe!

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