While much of Kenya is in drought the residents of Luanda have two reliable sources of water because of your help.  Both wells were dug with assistance from Saved By God’s Grace and Caring for Kenya’s Kids. That means many families will have water even through this terrible season of drought.

Meet baby Dorcas.  Her mom just graduated from class 8 with a 359 (see this post for information on this score).  Anne lives with her ailing grandmother and last year Anne was raped but continued her schooling.  She is now looking to start Form 1 but, as usual, funds are an issue.  School fees for her first year will run $152 (she’ll be attending a day school in order to come home and help care for Dorcas), school uniform $100, text books and materials is another $140.  She also is in need of basic items to care for Dorcas (any help you can give would be appreciated).  Another need for Anne, Dorcas and grandma is a bed and mattress which would be $135.

If you are able to help with any of these costs please visit our donate page and write “baby Dorcas” in the comment section.

This grandma is willing to do manual work in order to earn a little money and hopefully pay for her grandchildren’s school fees and supplies.  She’ll be bent over like this all day and she’s not the only grandma doing this.  There are many grandparents (mostly grandmas) who are responsible for their grandchildren.  Parents have either abandoned the children or have died.

Please consider becoming a monthly donor in order to help us help more orphans and widows.

This house construction is for an orphan who had no place to call his own.  Through donations a home is being built and soon he’ll call it home.

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