Grandma showed up on a team members steps by 6 am requesting help.  She is ill and unable to come up with the secondary school fees in order for her grandson to begin high school.  You may remember yesterday and the day before I’ve mentioned school fees being a very large issue for many Kenyans and it continues today.  Students will be or should already have reported for classes but because of lack of school fees they will be staying home.

Saved By God’s Grace helps as many students as we can but resources are limited.  We work with those students who show an aptitude towards learning and require they obtain a C+ or better each term before we assist with future terms…we do this on a case by case, term by term basis in order to maintain the level of excellence desired for each student.

For the 2016 school year there were 952,021 primary students who sat for the final exam.  The top student scored a 436 out of 500 and only 5,190 students scored a 400 or above. (see Standard Digital for full article)

Grandmas grandson scored a 407 on his primary exam meaning he was invited to a secondary school but may not attend because of fees.

So….I’m still asking for help to get more bright students into school.  Please visit our donate page and choose “Child Education” in the drop down box.

Here are a few statistics for you from the high school 2016 school year:

There were 577,253 students registered to take the KCSE (Kenya Certificate of Secondary Education – this is the final, 12th grade exam)

Out of that number only 141 students achieved an A, 4,645 scored A-, 10,975 scored B+ and only 88,928 students obtained C+ or above

So that means, if my math is correct, 472,564 students scored C or below.

Ugh….Kenya shame on you for not teaching your children.

How about some good news!?

Construction began on a home we are building.  One of the boys who lived with us at the children’s home recently inherited a small plot of land when his grandfather died.  He has no other family and was being passed around from home to home, many times sleeping on the dirt floor.  He will now have his own small home to call his own.

Yes they are cutting timber with a chain saw and pretty well too!

These girls received new uniforms, along with other school supplies, which allowed them to stay in high school.  Schools will send students home if they lack uniform, shoes, text books, test papers or any number of other items. Thank you donors for helping these girls stay in school!

Grandparents received another hot meal, some food items and wonderful fellowship, thanks Faith!

God continues to be glorified through the ministry and I am trusting He will provide the funds needed….is He asking you to help?

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