Here in the US we begin sending our kids out for their first day of school.  Many are excited and a little anxious, some may be dreading that first day back.  I remember when our children were younger, gathering all the necessary school supplies, filling their backpacks and deciding on what lunch to pack.  Watching them walk out the door and down the street to school (where dad stealth-fully walked behind them, hiding behind trees and bushes so they would feel more independent) made me a nervous wreck but they loved it!

In Kenya many children yearn for the opportunity to go to school but because the government still charges for education most families find it extremely difficult to send their child to school.  Oftentimes families must choose between food for the family or school.

Saved By God’s Grace is working to get as many children as we can back to school.  Because of the political atmosphere and drought, food prices have increased substantially and that cost is passed onto the students.  This increase was unexpected and our budget just couldn’t cover it.

Currently we are still $3,000 short of getting all the children into school who we have been working with.  If you are able to help with this I know several students who would be very grateful.  Please visit our Donate page to begin your online donation today!

Thank you and God bless.

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