There is always something happening through Saved By God’s Grace and your donations are appreciated.

A group of young adults from the Luanda area came together to discuss their volunteer efforts in jigger eradication projects throughout their community.  They are alumni and students from various state and local colleges “with a passion to serve the community.”  Not only are they volunteering their time and talents for jigger removal programs but also talking with youth who are abusing drugs and other poverty education programs.

We are still in need of your help getting students back into school.  If you are able to assist please visit our donate page for options.

It’s such a blessing to hear about the local community coming together to assist one another.  It’s especially heartwarming to hear when that person is struggling with their own grief yet still wants to help.  A mama recently lost her husband but even though she was grieving she fulfilled her pledge of donating a sack of cabbages and potatoes for our tutoring program at C4KK.

I pray she is comforted knowing her sacrifice, during a painful time, was a blessing to the kids and was greatly appreciated by all involved.

Please consider becoming a part of Saved By God’s Grace as we continue bringing hope and love to those who are suffering.

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