The widows we work with in Kenya are struggling to simply put food on the table…if they even have a table.

Our friend Joseck, who organizes the ministry on the ground in Kenya, has a personal shamba and shares the harvest with his neighbors in need.


He also heads our ministry food program in Luanda which distributes food items on a monthly basis to families in need.

Ben, who helps in Nakuru, another area of Kenya, also deals with many, many requests for assistance.

As does Peter, who is our social worker at Caring for Kenya’s Kids.

Neighbors, well wishers, good Samaritans tells us about families in need or the widows, grandparents or children themselves come to our ministry requesting assistance.  Sometimes Joseck will have grandmothers waiting outside his door very early in the morning hoping for help.

I tell you this praying you can see the struggle these women must deal with.  The little money they make must go towards feeding their family or they are forced to beg (some go into prostitution in order to feed their family) .  They aren’t able to save up enough money to repair roofs, fix walls, put in concrete floors, buy beds or pay school fees.  Having a secure, dry house can seem quite unobtainable for them.

However, through your donations, we are assisting several widows, orphans and families with housing (and school fees, clothing, food and medical).


Anywhere from $400 to $1500 (depending on material/extent of damage, etc.) can give a sense of security and keep a family dry from the rains.  Once a home is being repaired or rebuilt the entire community is witness to the love of Christ.  They are curious as to why we would serve these families, which gives our volunteers the perfect opportunity to tell them of Jesus’ saving message.  We are loving our neighbors as ourselves and showing God’s love in action.

Please join us in changing one persons life today.

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